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MYSTIC KUMAON -Continued...


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I am more of a restless traveller. Always trying to explore more and more places away from the beaten track. But in the pursuit of the unknown and something exhilarating, I always listened to my inner instincts which have never betrayed me till now.
Whenever I travel to a place , I never take the same route back which helps me to see some new places and saves me from getting bored by the same landscapes and places.DSC06709.JPG
On my way back from Choukri I just took the less travelled route to Almora. It passes through Berinag , Barechina and chotechina. So when I was driving I noticed a kilometre post with Patal Bhubaneswar 13 kilometres. The name ( Patal means Hell ) itself made me quite inquisitive and on inquring in the roadside tea stall I just offroaded my car towards it, though warned beforehand for the kaccha road. The 13 km road (if only it has to be called one) was really really bad. After 1 hour of skillfull driving I managed to reach the destination. DSC06717.JPG
It is a underground cave complex. You have to crawl down through a very slippery narrow tunnel. The tunnel opens in to a underground autrium. This is 90 feet below the groun level. The autrium leads to several smaller caves. The ground is very slippery inside as water is trickling down continously. There are interesting natural rock formations which the guide will relate it with hindu mythology. Inside its quite frightening.
Photography is totally prohibited inside in any form. So you have to see yourself to belive it. The offroading was worth the place.

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MYSTIC KUMAON - Continued......


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Driving through the normal tourist trail of Kumaon ( Uttaranchal ) - NAINITAL- ALMORA -BAGESWAR -KAUSANI , I was just thinking of coming back home. Driving through the hills for 3days was a bit tiring though the roads were extremely good . I was just getting ready in the wee hours of 5th nov,2005 . I met up with another local tourist cab driver in the Kumaon Mandal state rest house. Just as we were talking he asked me about the places I have visited. He then suddenly suggested me of a place called CHOUKRI, where I can get the best view of the Himalayan peaks. I was a bit sceptical. Somehow my wife and kids (5 & 8 ) insisted. So I gave it to the majority. We just started off. Once we crossed Bageswar a small town just midway the landscape started changing. It was mesmerizing .I thought If I have not come this way I would have missed a trip of my lifetime. We reached CHOUKRI after around 2 1/2 hours driving( about 100 kms from Kasauni. DSC06655.JPG
Chowkri is a small hamlet with some tea gardens. Its like a virgin beauty, the more you see the more you fall in love. It has got such an attraction that you can’t resist to fall in love.
The view of the Himalayan peaks is awesome. Just can’t compare with anything else
You will get to see a whole lot of peaks in a 180 degree range. They are TRISHUL, NANDADEVI, NANDADEVI EAST, NANDAKOT, NANDAKHAT, MAIKTOLI ,PANCHCHULI. There are also many unnamed peaks. It was just as if you are in the lap of Himalayas. .DSC06652.JPG
The best thing about this roadside stopover is that, there is not a single shop or hotel except for the KUMAON MANDAL STATE REST HOUSE and a tented accommodation opposite it. (Pray that it remains like that ). I fear to write about this place in net because once tourists start to move in ,commercialisation will spoil the pristine nature of the place.

The next morning though I was reluctant to leave behind this heavenly abode but life has to move on……one can not just hold on to all the beautiful things in the world for ever…
So I left Choukri with a broken heart ,swearing to the virgin damsel, to come back some day alone just to be with her……may be forever.

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16-05-05_1808.jpg[b] MYSTIC KUMAON
Blog Entry By- SK CHAKRAVARTY, 22nd NOVEMBER 2005
As it is always with me, I just can't be away from mountains for long. I am a travel fanatic and the CALL OF THE MOUNTAINS makes me bear sleepless nights till my next trip. This time I suddenly uploaded my car with with my wife and two kids (8 & 5) and started for the uttaranchal Himalayas( mainly Kumaon ) in the early hours of 2nd November 2005DSC06737.JPG
My trip was a 7days -1800kms round trip ex-DELHI. The route I took was as follows-
Though it was a bit hectic trip along with the kids, but as they have travelled so much before along with me that now a days they don't complain much. DSC06777.JPG
I always stayed in the kumaon mandal state rest houses. Though its bit costly but at some places you don't have any other option or else you have to sleep inside the car.DSC06821.JPG
The places which I have mentioned are all in the tourist map and are quite popular except for Choukri and Patal Bhubaneswar. Choukri gives the best view of the nandadevi peaks ( nanda devi and nanda devi east ). the other peaks which you can view quite well are --
panchchuli--kamet-nanda khat --nanda kot- nanda ghunti- nandadevi east - nanda devi- trishul.
Patal Bhubaneswar is also a quite interesting place ( though the road is under construction ). There is a underground cave system with natural rock formings which resemble hindu religious art formations ( As described by the guide ). You have to crawl through a very narrow crevice to reach the cave. Its straight 90 ft down.Its really frightening. Photography in any form is not allowed inside the cave. Its worth a visit.
The landscape was mesmerising throughout. I hope to take another trip very soon, may be alone this time.

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